• 20 Dec 2016 10:29 AM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)

    As a first deliverable of a 2-year KTT initiative (Knowledge Translation & Transfer) the project team has released agronomy guides for switchgrass and miscanthus production. These documents can be accessed on the OBPC website

    The agronomy guides are comprehensive resources for existing and future biomass producers. The agronomy guides provide practical answers and solutions to newcomers of Ag biomass production as well as to very advanced growers.

    The guides are the results of a very productive partnership of the University of Guelph, OMAFRA, REAP-Canada and Ontario Biomass Producers Co-operative Inc. as well as our sponsors Livestock Research Innovation Corporation Inc. and Ontario Agri-Food Technologies.

    The project team is currently working on guides, addressing biomass based animal bedding and feed. During the winter season the project team has planned several "roadshow" initiatives, starting with a presentation at FarmSmart on January 21 in Guelph and a 3-hour switchgrass seminar at the Organic Conference on January 27.

    We will keep you posted about future events.

  • 28 Oct 2016 4:19 PM | Patricia Ellingwood (Administrator)


    • Switchgrass is one of many “energy crops”—plants that can be grown specifically to be harvested and converted into biofuel at a biorefinery.
    • Switchgrass thrives in many different soil types and land conditions, reduces soil erosion, is good at fixing nitrogen into the soil, and can grow with less water, fertilizers, and pesticides than many crops.
    • Planting switchgrass on the margins of croplands reduces soil erosion compared to annual row crops.
    • Switchgrass has a higher tolerance to droughts and floods because its deep roots require less water.

    Growers can spend less on pesticides because switchgrass has fewer pests. Switchgrass is also very good at fixing nitrogen in the soil, which improves soil fertility. 

    Read more:



  • 03 Aug 2016 2:52 PM | Patricia Ellingwood (Administrator)

    After years of extensive product development and testing, OurPet's Company (OTCQX: OPCO) is introducing Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter™ with BioChar that has been top ranked amongst competitors through third party testing. OurPet's will be showcase the cat litter at their SuperZoo booth, #10219, in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • 13 Jul 2016 3:55 PM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)

    Around the world we can witness all sorts of bioeconomy related activities, events and products.  Canada with its vast potential has to make major efforts to catch up and become a significant player of this exceptional business opportunity instead of being simply relegated to "bioproduct consumers". With our climate change mitigation efforts bioproducts need to become a significant part of the solution.

    Read the following article in the Canadian Biomass magazine:

    Article in Canadian Biomass Magazine

  • 05 Jun 2016 5:58 PM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)

    Switchgrass can be productive with relatively little fertilizing, compared to other crops.  Research in Michigan demonstrates that excessive nitrogen rates could negatively offset the environmental benefits of switchgrass production.

    Read article in MSU Today

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