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  • 10 Mar 2012 9:02 AM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)
    OAFT's AGM was followed by 4 presentations of organizations, which managed to lift their success thanks to OAFT's Rapid Response Program.
    The quality of this event was remarkable. Many of Ontario's biomass industry "heavy weights" were in attendance. All presentations were of high calibre and demonstrated how effective Dr. Gord Surgeoner's Rapid Response Program is.
    From an OBPG perspective the presentation of the President of WhiteCloud Innovations, Catherine Tredway, was the highlight of the afternoon.
    Catherine Tredway, formerly only known to me as the "Fibreboard Lady", made quite an impression. It is encouraging to meet someone with such enthusiasm, drive, ambitions and especially the intention to work closely with all sectors of the biomass value chain, including the growers. Catherine describes her team and network as extended family, which is supported with the fact that her 2 daughters are part of the organization.
    As a biomass producer I am particularly encouraged with Catherine's business model, which includes royalties of her products for producers. WhiteCloud Innovations' products, currently at a prototype stage, have remarkable quality attributes, such as being flame-resistant, waterproof and best of all being cost effective.
    For biomass producers the most attractive characteristics of WCI's Organic Composite Boards is the very high biomass content. A presentation of Ms. Tredway includes more details of the Organic Composite Boards.
    With the support of OAFT's Rapid Response Program, WhiteCloud Innovations managed to market their products in North-America with "blitz" travel tour, including stops in major locations in Canada and the USA. The future client base includes heavy-weights, like IKEA and Steelcase. To-date WhiteCloud has an order book of more than 500'000 tonnes of OCB's.
    OBPG is very much interested to see WhiteCloud succeed and will provide the necessary support to come up with the needed supply of biomass.

    Congratulations and thanks to Gord Surgeoner and his team for organizing this great event.

  • 10 Mar 2012 8:23 AM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)
    The Open House of New Energy Farms was an event well worth travelling to remote Leamington. Dean Tiessen and his team showcased the entire biomass cycle, starting with the Miscanthus breeding program, planting techniques with customized equipment, harvesting of biomass and planting material (rhizomes) for their customer base. 
    NEF use biomass for their own greenhouse operation and manage to do it cost effectively, which is remarkable, considering the extremely low natural gas prices in North-America.
    New Energy Farms are directly represented in Canada, the USA and the EU. They have formed partnerships with a multitude of research facilities all over the globe. NEF has the most comprehensive Miscanthus varieties in the world and are the dominant supplier of Miscanthus in North-America and Europe.
    NEF have a very comprehensive biomass marketing concept, ranging from low cost biomass for combustion to high grade fibres for top end biomass applications.
    NEF's business model is to work closely with all kinds of partners in the industry and try hard to learn from past experiences and mistakes. 
    The Open House was very well attended, mainly with participants from Canada and the USA. One of the visitors was a delegate from BP in Texas. It is very encouraging to see that major energy companies, like BP, see a genuine future business opportunity in biomass.
    During dinner, compliment of NEF, Dean Tiessen gave a comprehensive presentation of his operation and the biomass industry at large. While enjoying dinner we had an excellent opportunity for "biomass networking" and getting professional answers to all kinds of questions from Dean.
    Congratulations and thank you NEF Team!
  • 12 Feb 2012 11:37 AM | Anonymous
    The presentation of Dr. Gord Surgeoner was well attended. The topic "Food versus Fuel" is still highly political. Dr. Surgeoner provided credible evidence that there is no food shortage as a result of biomass based fuel production.
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