Is Ag Biomass Here to Stay?

27 Nov 2012 11:37 AM | Urs Eggimann (Administrator)
The following is an article in the Biomass Magazine, written by Dan Arnett, Biomass Coordinator at Ernst Seeds and board member of REAP-Canada.

Is Ag biomass here to stay?


  • 30 Nov 2012 6:13 PM | Katherine (Kate) Withers
    The author concludes -
    "One of the most effective steps that can be taken to encourage the growth and development of agricultural biomass, both as a concept and as a crop, is to -- ***promote the growth of a profitable market for it***" - This is so important and we shouldn't limit the possibilities just to biomass for bioenergy, bioplastics and bioproducts could be a viable way of developing a profitable market.
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